Cargo Body (w/wo) Crane

Babel supply various range of cargo body (with or without) drop side according to your required specifications and capacities for the body and for the crane.


Lorry with Crane
a. Lorry with crane 12 ton
b. Lorry with crane 10 ton
c. Lorry with crane 9 ton
d. Lorry with crane 5 ton
e. Lorry with crane 1ton

Lorry without Crane
a. Lorry 20 ton
b. Lorry 16 ton
c. Lorry 11 ton
d. Lorry 8 ton
e. Lorry 1.5 ton

Lorry Semi Trailer
a. Lorry Semi Trailer 30 ton
b. Lorry Semi Trailer 40 ton
c. Lorry Semi Trailer 50 ton

And much more to suit your required specification.